Photography by me, material;steel girders,Sculpted by Malcolm Robertson, the 10 metre high artwork is made up of 18 tons of rolled section steel. 

Railway Tree, Stratford

The steel girders of "Railway Tree" are shaped like railway lines and are intended to remindthe viewer of Stratford's past connection with industry and the railways.

'The sculpture seeks to symbolise Stratford as a focal point of arrival and departure. Stratford?s first train station opened in 1839 along with workshops of the Eastern Counties Railway which later became the Great Eastern Railway.

Sculpted by Malcolm Robertson, the 10 meter high artwork is made up of 18 tons of rolled section steel. Another piece of public art created by the same sculpture, 'Time Spiral' stands in Maryland'- source -,10,0,0.html


close up of Richard Serra rusted steel


image of Wikipedia , the construction of the Newham railway


Photography by me,I liked the railway tree because of the story behind it and also because the tree depicts something natural even though the material is not and the whole concept behind it is industrialisation. This was conflicted which I find interesting. I further enjoy the colours in the statue, red and silver.


Photography by me,Here I crawled under the statue and looked up. I FOUND THE SHAPE IN THE ROOF REALLY GREAT. 


close up of Richard Serra rusted steel


Photography by me, Orbital designed by UK's tallest sculpture. Created by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond,

I picked this piece of public arty because it is functional and alos because I enjoy the twisits/ swirls in the structure. I feel like this point of research could provide me with some interesting shapes for this project. I also like the shapes in the sculpture because the material it is made out of is stiff, but the swirls make it look so flexible. This is a sort of deception and the idea of deception is an interesting topic to explore to me.

Public art, is the movement of art being made public. People dont have to pay to see art, now they can see it even witgout seeking for it. To me it represents a freedom to express more publicaly but it is also about consumption and consumerism. Public art 'feeds' and leads the 'public to consume' art more frequently and in greater masess. I like this idea of feeding, and could link this to the placement of certain aspects when continuing this project.

Photography by me,





Richard Serra , at the gagosian (rusted steel) photography by me


Industrialisation, railway, labour, smoke Here I selected this image because it represents the darker side to the Construction of the railways. The smoke from the machinery as well as the trains caused poisoning and polluted the lungs of the working class. I would like for my work to use some material representative of the struggle of constructing the railway and the pollution It caused.