Today I've started my research on 
lace, lace.  First here is a brainstorm of lace. 

Spider webs 
Silk moths
Compound eyes



Today I went to visit the Natural History Museum for some further research on the Bombyx Mori, compound eyes, and the human eye anatomy, EYES. Once again I feel like the research trip was not very good. I found very limited information on compound eyes and eyes in general and the information I did find was nothing different from the information I found earlier online. I still need to learn to do good research before I decide to go somewhere, and perhaps will consider another way of producing research for the rest of the week. Perhaps my work's direction will change on the next week, so perhaps I will be back at one of the museums /galleries soon. For now I think I will continue my research looking in the library.




Lace project

I arrived two hours late today due to the tube strike. When I got there the instructions to everyone was to create a small sample relating to their work and then to do a larger one or installation using the space available in the studio. The fact that I was late made me worry and work in a rushed manner. This was not ideal, however at the same time quite beneficial as the limited time I had forced me to work intuitively and energetically. By the end of the session I had one small sample and one large sample (photographed below). From this session I learnt that at some stage I just have to push ideas out, instead of worrying about the results before I have produced anything yet. Perhaps I learnt that I work well underway pressure, because it gives me less time to stress. Maybe the next time I'm stuck I could give myself a time limit say 2 hours to complete a set number of samples , just so that I am forced to produce work instead of worrying.



Today was quite productive. In the morning session I got to use the 3D workshop . This was great as I had the chance to experiment with materials such as wood/plastics which I usually wouldn't use in my work. When I went into the workshop at first I had no idea what I was going to do usually I would say this is a bad thing, but in this case it was beneficial actually. I found some imagery relevant to my work and attempted to portray this using the material wood. I ended up with a lovely block, or sculpture which reminded my tutor of the work of a Textile artist named Kanganaraka who works in a style creating shapes out of a variety of materials, to then place them in interesting compositions which then creates a print of its own. This was inspiring, and I will have to do some more research on the artist. My tutor further suggested that perhaps for my final piece I could create a sort of instalment such as this. I think this is a exciting idea which would differentiate this project from all other protects that were done previously. This would also demonstrate my ability to work in both 2D and 3D well. Overall I really enjoyed todays session as I feel that I was more responsive and experimental, just making instead of over thinking.




Today I took part in the colour workshop. Over the weekend were told to collect a series of objects/papers/material all in the same colour. My colour was Purple, we brought these materials in today and then the lecturers made people with similar colors work in groups, then contrasting colors, then analogous, to create colour schemes  using each person’s  materials ,to create collective colour schemes.The colour work shop was very helpful in my opinion. It really made me consider how and why I use certain colors in my work. I focused on the colour purple, because I feel that purple is a colour which could be seen as beautiful and feminine and bold yet expressing the mood or emotion of sadness. I felt that this colour suits  project well as I find aspects of the research I gathered aesthetically pleasing  while the overall topic of the project while looking at cancerous cells and tumors is quit tragic. I find imagery of the molecular cells particularly beautiful. Also many of these images when I searched for them came in the colour purple, so I decided to stick to colour. The workshop further made me consider, working just one colour but varying shades and tones. The workshop further taught me to decide on my colour compositions and colour ways in a more informed way. Here I a quick video of me responding how I will use the colour workshop, also below are some colour compositions a group other students and myself created together which I find successful.



Lace ( end)

Today is the conclusion of the lace project. I learnt in this project that when I get stuck that I should return to my initial research and also that I need to learn to time myself better. I was also taught through this project to really think about why and how I  use colors and to explore using different materials. Throughout this project I feel that my main downfall is a lack of using or experimenting with various materials throughout the entire design process. I only felt that I begun to do this towards the end of the project. Overall I did enjoy this project and I fell that my researching skills have hugely improved since the beginning of the course. To continue this project I think I would actually consider re - introducing some of the colors I was initially working with, as i enjoy my colour scheme now, though feel it could use some lifting. All of my works for this project are further quite 3-dimensional, so i feel like it would be good if i could create a couple more prints. Further beside this text is an image of one of my final pieces / samples which i fell was most successful in terms of experimenting with various materials and methods of creating textiles.

     Time LAB                                                                                                                                                          


Timelab -
In today's session we participated in a weave workshop. I brought some yarn and began attempting to recreate the look of the oceans with my yarn and weave. By the end of the lesson I ended up woth some nice samples which reminded me of the ocean.
Since I am trying to build the story of the titanic and the sinking of the ship I thought I would  make the ocean weave samples look a bit rough / energetic.  I was able to create waves and loops in work with my yarn which I feel improved my work.The lecturer also gave feedback saying that the samples I made should try to demonstrate clash and a real distress to demonstrate the impact the titanic left on the face of the waters.

At this point I feel like I still havent done enough drawings or responded enough to my research.  I should ensure that more research is completed over the weekend so that my work.and development can begin to have a clearer direction and so that my work can be more considerate.


Today was the final day of the Timelab project, I've completed my samples and also my garment. The colours in my works are yellow, green,brown,blue, I am glad that I have stuck to my colour scheme.

     culture swap                                                                                                                                                           

Culture swap

DAY 1 ,21/11/16

Today was the first lesson of our project, 'culture swap'.Over the weekend we were asked to do. some research concerning our heritage. My parents are from sierra leone and belong to the fulani tribe. I myself was born and raised for most of my life in in the Netherlands. I relate more to my parent's roots as I consider where my lineage is to be more of my heritage than my nationality. Therefore my research was heavily based on sierra leone. In the actual lesson I didn't work with my own research, instead I received someone else's and they got mine. I think that this is good because... My new heritage is Korea. My partner Hee Yoon focused on traditional korean masks which are used in a traditional Korean dance called Talchom. To be honest she didnt provide me with loads of research, (karma because I didn't do lots either) so I took what she gave me and started researching the bongson mask and the dance more. I found some really great images and videos of the dance online, however I think to make my research more rich that perhaps I should look into some articles or books for more information. From the research I was provided with today and the research I managed to do today I was able to make 5 textile interpretation. From these I want to make more, so that I am experimenting more with what I have so far. After doing some further research I think it would be interesting to see whether my approach will change towards the project. I JUST NEED TO DO MORE RESEARCH! I am happy with my experimentation so far and feel like a colour palette is definetly beginning to form, however I need to learn to narrow this down, so that my practical work can become more considered. Im going to do some more research and I am excited to see what I will come up with tomorrow ! I love this project... So far.

Culture swap

DAY 2 ,22/11/16

Today we were asked to begin responding to our given heritage. By the end of the lesson we were asked to present two samples as a response to our new heritages. At the start of the session the tutor provided time to do some further research in the library. There I found some books on Korean art which I found quite insightful. The books I found unfortunately had nothing to do with the TalchumBOngson dance, but they did highlight some popular and traditional styles of Korean art which could easily be incorporated into my work. I found from this research that ink is a popular and traditional media used in Korean art for example, so this could be used in my own work.



The lace project Briefing

Over the holidays we received a list of preparatory work to do for this project, I began to research Lace and what it is made of . My main focus began to be on the Bombyx Mori (silk worm moth) which creates silk which is used in lace. Today , however we had to come in to be briefed for the new project ,the restriction is lace. After being briefed I was paired up with someone I hadn't met before and we had to go away to the library and review previous work as well as each other's progress tutorial notes. I found that working with someone new provided me with a objective opinion of my work , this was good as I was able to get some constructive criticism on my previous work and current starting point / ideas for this project. We also discussed possible places or exhibitions we could each go to in order to continue research for this projects and the directions we would go in. Once again it was helpful to get advice on where to go as my partner suggested some points of research I probably would not have thought of myself. This would further broaden the sources I get my research from ,which would make it more insightful. Next for research I will visit the Natural History Museum to study the compound eye of creatures such as the Bombyx mori.

Below is a 3 minute video of me reviewing what me and my partner discussed about my work and also about the previous progress tutorial.





At the beginning of the day I felt great about my work so far, until I had a conversation with my tutor. She said my samples were good and that I had a clear concept however my use of materials needs to be more considered and further explored. The feedback was okay, considering that my other tutor had already pointed this out yesterday. I did go to the wood workshop yesterday and Katie had already advised me to do some research on Kanganaraka and her sculptures. Today after what the tutor said I decided to do some knitting to show some more technicality in my sample for this project. After this first half of the session I decided to go down to the metal workshop, in order to experiment with some metals as my material. To improve- What went wrong- Possible materials-?? What to consider?

     Time LAB                                                                                                                                                          


Time lab day-WEEK 1 DAY  2

In todays  session we engaged in a print work shop. I had to make  lino print  locks from whatever work I and produced so far , the problem was...that I hadn't actually produced a lot of work. I feel like I haven't got enough research done , and therefore I hadn't really responded to anything for me to transfer any response onto lino to create a print with. For the purpose of participating in the session however I decided to just do a quick drawing of some of the aspects I enjoyed from my research. I feel like the fact that I had to make do with what I had was good , as this could force me to improve in just responding to images and research straight away , however I fell that If I had done more research previously and responded more to the research I had done post session that my Lino prints would have been better.

I didn't really enjoy the Lino print shop to be honest , I have printed with Lino before and enjoyed it previously. I feel like this has all to do with the fact that I didn't actually like my print block design/pattern. I did further realise that my prints were quite messy , I probably used too much ink or too much/little pressure. I need to work on making cleaner prints , and come more prepared to the next study session, so that I'm not in a situation where I feel like I've got nothing to really work with.

I will also do some more research for tomorrow.

     culture swap                                                                                                                                                           


WEDNESDAY 23/11/16

Today I decided I would start of with doing some more research. I think this was good for my work  because I needed another element or dimension

Lions,  movement when walking,  movement when preying.

Fastest wild cat is cheetah 
How does it move? What impact does it leave on the ground?

I started with some ink drawings of the  cheetah running,  I started making the drawings of the Cheetahs overlap eachother slightly to represent the movement of the cheetah. I found the use of ink freeing and the very fluid media allowed for me to capture movement. Which has become the main theme in my work.

I then Put ink/paint on tips of fingers and then  with my hand attempted to mimic the movement of the cheetah.

From some earlier research on Korean art / textiles I also noticed a more geometric pattern design, I think that maybe I should begin to consider the pattern on the geometric textiles and think of how this could be included  in my work and  my experimentation? Using geometry in my work would further add a different layer to my work. Because although my work focuses on movement I feel that the way that I'm presenting the idea of movement had become very repetitive. 



Culture swap

(DAY 4) END  24/11/16
Today the project concludes.I hadn't produced any of the final samples we were told by the brief to have completed by today, but I did have loads of drawings and experimentation I was happy with to begin extracting aspects from to begin creating the final samples for the project.I cut lunch from the schedule and ended up by 2 o'clock having produced seven samples. When I had finished I felt like all the samples were to similar ,because they all presented movement on a very similar way. When the tutor came over to look at the work I had produced so far she advised me to put my work up on the wall and to observe it from a distance. She helped me display the work and then commented that the samples worked well as a collection, which I agreed to once I could see it up.

Overall I am pleased with the work I have produced. I truly enjoy the colour scheme, although it is more muted than I am used to. I think that this restriction since the colour scheme was based on Korean art was very good for me,  as I feel now that I need to consider the colours I use in a more considered way. Although my work, worked well as a collection I do feel that I should have pushed the way I represented movement in a wider variety of ways.